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Everything you need to know

  • Why only offer certain charging stations ?
    We evaluate the offers on the market every month in order to highlight only the best on the market in terms of price, materials, connectivity and longevity. In addition, we want to ensure the after-sales service offered by the manufacturers. There are many models on the market but few include quality after-sales service. This is why the models offered on our site also meet this criterion.
  • Is a terminal more suitable for putting in the garage or for being installed outside ?
    All models offered meet the most rigorous standards on the market. Of course, a plastic model will ultimately be less durable than an aluminum model.
  • Do the terminals also work in winter ?
    Yes, all the home EV chargers level 2 offered are adapted to our climate and certified for installation in Canada.
  • What is the warranty on the terminals offered ?
    As a general rule, most manufacturers offer a 3-year warranty. Learn more on our warranty page.
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