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Your Charging Station

Don’t leave the choice of your charging station to chance. Ispeed will guide you according to your needs, to offer you the solution adapted to your budget, vehicle and lifestyle.

Explore The Collection

The best 2024 EV charging stations on the Canadian market.

EV Home charger level 2 Pulsar Plus made by Wallbox

Pulsar Plus


EV home charger level 2 X5 made by Flo

X5 Charger


There is no going back after taking the plunge.

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Buying an electric charging station is even better when it costs you nothing. Find the rebate that is right for you and save up on your home charging station up to 600$ 

on your charging station purchase. We provide all available rebate options at the provincial and municipal levels across Canada.



Installation must be carried out by a master electrician to avoid any problems with your charging station. Find the one that suits your needs!


About Us

Welcome to Ispeed, the company dedicated entirely to your residential charging experience! Our mission is simple, but essential: we provide you with the ideal framework so that you can find the EV home charger that perfectly suits your needs.

Quality, speed and affordability are our top priorities for the chargers we present. 

DALL·E 2024-07-02 00.13.54 - A detailed black and white blueprint-style plan of an electri


Discover all the useful information you need to know before purchasing an electrical terminal in your home. Whether it's installation on a wall, subsidies or the different types of charging stations on the market in North America, we have an answer to your questions!

Understand everything about the needs and factors to take into account when using a terminal in difficult climatic conditions.

Learn more about the different levels of charging station available.​

Learn about the advanced features available in the terminals offered.

2024 guide on how to choose your residential electrical terminal.

Learn more about NEMA certifications and what it means for a terminal.

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